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The study is being conducted by the research department of Clarke International University. The major goal of the study is to assess whether reflective assignments through diaries can increase the development of self-monitoring and self-regulation skills which allow the student to evaluate their own ethical stands and become reflective practitioners.

In Uganda, commercial sex work is considered illegal and therefore women involved in sex trade are not included in the mainstream health plan. This not only limits them from accessing information but also hinders their access to health services considering that they operate under cultural and social constraints. The illegality of the industry makes sex workers vulnerable to exploitation as they are not protected under the law.

Clarke International University (CIU) is currently conducting a study titled: Confidential Enquiry into maternal and child deaths. This is a multi-country study that is being undertaken with the overall headship of the University of Oxford HURAPRIM (Human Resources for Primary Healthcare) project which seeks to design, implement and evaluate interventions to improve the situation.

Clarke International University is working in partnership with International Hospital Kampala on a mass male circumcision project in Uganda. The university takes on the role of implementing the research component including assessment before and after circumcision as well as annual evaluation studies. From these studies, a paper has been published (Mass Safe Male Circumcision: early lessons from a Ugandan urban site – a case study) and others in the press.

Contact people: Dr. Moses Galukande, Ms. Florence Nakaggwa, Ms. Teddy Nagaddya

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