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The university prides it self in the Outreach programs it has to different people in the country in different communities to impact them 


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Our Research Focus Areas


Public Health Research

The goal of Public Health Research is to build evidence and knowledge that supports policy and leadership decision-making in the promotion of health care equity, quality and accessibility.


The University provides research opportunities and service provision activities related to the unique health needs of mothers and children.

Health System Strengthening

Research related to health systems strengthening is one of the top priorities for the university and is geared towards addressing some of the leading health systems and workforce challenges in the nation and beyond.
The country’s need to effectively respond to the changing landscape and increasing complexity in health care remains dependent on the quality of its health system in terms of its workforce, information system, availability of health services,  and most importantly the quality of leadership. 

Clinical Laboratory Research

The University places emphasis on the following research clusters; Innovations in Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing-There is a strong globalmovement on the need to tackle the problem of anti-microbial resistance in sub Saharan Africa and beyond.

It's great being part of a well built Clinical Laboratory environment here at Clarke International University

Populations Aging

Developing countries have made significant strides in improving life expectancy at birth and this has been attributed to the low mortality and decreasing fertility rates.
As people of Makindye Division we are humbled by the great knowledge we get from the people of CIU that helps us get to know about our health and helps us chnage our life styles.

E-learning among health professional students during the COVID-19 lockdown in a private university in Uganda

We identified predictors of e-learning adoption which include having completed at least 1 year of study, high e-learning expectations, confidence in using IT devices, prior experience in e-learning, considering e-learning to be flexible and internet access. This information can be used by universities to enhance infrastructure and prepare potential e-learners.

Providing a lifetime experiential learning opportunity

The program provides an opportunity for students to work with local communities, volunteer on different projects and develop new skills and experience real life health dynamics in resource constrained settings.


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